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Goya CEO: ‘Destruction and hatred, tearing down businesses’ driving Latinos to Trump

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Goya CEO: ‘Destruction and hatred, tearing down businesses’ driving Latinos to TrumpJust the News ^
| September 2, 2020 – 12:03am
| By Carrie Sheffield
Posted on 09/02/2020 7:27:21 AM PDT by Hojczyk
Democratic strategist Chuck Rocha, a Latino activist and author of the book “Tio Bernie,” served as a Bernie 2020 senior advisor. Rocha on Twitter warned his fellow Democrats cynical about the strong Latino voices onstage at the Republican National Convention last week.
“Democrats, dismiss what your seeing in the Republican convention at your own peril,” Rocha wrote. “I have seen and done research with persuadable Latinos voters that confirms what your seeing does cut into the margins. And your woke white consultants aren’t going to save us. #thatsmyseat”
The rise in support for Trump is due to “fatigue over all the destruction and hatred, tearing down businesses, by people — a lot of people that are from outside the community — because if you’re within the community, you’re building it, you don’t want to tear down what you just built,” Robert Unanue, President and CEO, Goya Foods, told Just the News in a video interview.
“And this is organized. People coming in from the outside to destroy. And so you know, we have two paths to take: Love and build, hate and destroy. We need to take the path of loving and building. And that’s why we’re looking at prosperity. How do we get our country back on our feet, and prosper in all aspects. So let’s love. Let’s build.”
So they were looking for prosperity, again. So the United States has been … the bastion and has put out the welcome wagon for immigrants all over the world. So they’re coming here to seek that prosperity. And that prosperity is not accomplished if we’re going to tear things down, cancel things down, destroy. That’s just not what the immigrant community wants to do. The immigrant community are builders, and they want to prosper.”
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posted on 09/02/2020 7:27:21 AM PDT
by Hojczyk
posted on 09/02/2020 7:29:13 AM PDT
by Drango
(1776 = 2020)
That Goya CEO better watch what he says.
AOC might start another boycott, and from what I gather Goya’s production resources have already been strained due to the massive consumer demand the last Progressive boycott caused.
posted on 09/02/2020 7:30:03 AM PDT
by Junk Silver
(Calling an Antifa protest “Mostly peaceful” is like saying your girlfriend is “Mostly not pregnant”.)
Latinos also tend to think that “It’s all so tiresome.” While those communities come with their own sets of problems, they are not down with BLM rioting in the streets.
posted on 09/02/2020 7:30:53 AM PDT
by cdcdawg
(Biden has dementia.)
Nice food company you have there…
“That Goya CEO better watch what he says. AOC might start another boycott”
LOL! And CEO says, “I’m not tired of winning. I can’t take any more winning! We’re running out of product! Thank you, Mister President.”
posted on 09/02/2020 7:35:10 AM PDT
by MayflowerMadam
(If 100% of us contracted this Covid Virus only 99.997% would be left to tell our story.)
The Dems want to tear everything down and then they’ll say we can rebuild with the New Green Deal ,LOL
They’ve only gotten a good selection of Goya products back on the shelves in the past couple of weeks here in NM.
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