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Introducing Google News Initiative Conversations

This year, the way many of us work has changed dramatically. Weve gone from lunch meetings and large networking conferences to meeting virtually from our makeshift home offices. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly upended a lot of this, but that doesnt mean sharing ideas is on hold, too. Thats especially true for the Google News Initiative team; our commitment to helping journalism thrive is still just as strong. 
Thats why weve launched Google News Initiative Conversations, a new video series in which we bring together industry experts and our partners from around the world to discuss the successes, challenges and opportunities facing the news industry. Since March 2018, the GNI has worked with more than 6,250 news partners in 118 countries, several of which are featured in the series.
Over the course of four episodes, we cover the themes of business sustainability, quality journalism, diversity, equity and inclusion and a look ahead to 2021 from a global perspective. Take a look at what the series has to offer:
Sustaining the News Industry, featuring: 
Miki King, Chief Marketing Officer of the Washington PostGary Liu, CEO of the South China Morning PostTara Lajumoke, Managing Director of FT StrategiesMegan Brownlow and Simon Crerar talk about local journalism in more

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