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Marvel Superheroes Say You Should Get F**king Vaccinated In New Comic

When it comes to the intersection between social responsibility and entertainment, superheroes at their most idealistic have always been at the forefront, leading the charge by serving as an example of what the rest of us should aspire to. This would merely be the latest example in a long, proud history of superheroes standing up for what’s right and literally saving lives. 
Variety has the details on Marvel Entertainment joining forces with New York City’s SOMOS Community Care organization to encourage vaccinations among marginalized communities that have remained hesitant. The PSA campaign is led by Henry R. Muñoz, III and will include an Avengers comic book, posters, and individual meet-ups with Black, Latino, and Asian doctors and healthcare workers. Munoz further explained in a statement:
“This road to recovery runs through the immigrant communities of color that have been hit hardest by this pandemic and left behind in a vaccine roll-out marked by inequity and misinformation campaigns. Being able to unite Marvel Entertainment with the trusted voices from the community doctors of SOMOS Community Care in a public education campaign designed to drive awareness is a really big deal. This campaign symbolizes where art meets purpose and shows that people nationwide can come together and build community, and look together to the future.”
Marvel Entertainment President Dan Buckley also added,
“Marvel has always told stories to entertain, inspire, and reflect the world around us. As many communities continue to grapple with the effects of COVID-19, it was important to us to help promote vaccine awareness and confidence in New York City. We are thrilled to collaborate with SOMOS Community Care for this new comic book and campaign to continue to educate and encourage our communities during these trying times.”
The campaign will run for three months and more information can be found on the official website. The science is sound, the health benefits are clear, and the opportunity to improve the world in a very tangible and meaningful way is in our hands. And on a purely selfish level, I would like to watch “Eternals” without having to suffer another delay because of rising infection rates. Do it for the MCU, people!read more

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