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Marvel Bringing Live-Action Halloween Special to Disney+

Marvel Readies Halloween Special For Disney+
MCU Halloween Special Coming to Disney+
Marvel Bringing Live Action Halloween Special to Disney+
Marvel Studios is reportedly seeking a Latino actor to cast as the lead in an upcoming Halloween special for Disney+. While details are scarce at the moment, the rumor is that the stand alone Halloween live action special would be based on a werewolf character from the pages of Marvel Comics — Werewolf by Night.
Credit: Marvel Comics
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Marvel Studios has now aired three live action series based in the MCU on Disney+, and is currently in mid-season with the MCU’s first animated anthology. Critics and fans alike have been behind the ambitious projects WandaVision — which featured a Halloween episode —The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Loki, and What If…?. With several more new series in various stages of production for Marvel’s Phase 4, plus possible (and confirmed) second seasons on the way, Marvel has enjoyed the storytelling power that the widely popular Disney+ streaming service has afforded the studio — particularly during the unprecedented times of a global pandemic.
Credit: Marvel Studios
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With one holiday special on the books — James Gunn’s The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, due out during the 2022 Christmas season — Marvel is ramping up pre-production for its first ever MCU Halloween special.
Credit: Marvel
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First reported by TheWrap, Marvel Studios has begun a search for a Latino male, 30s, to front the planned spooky season spectacular. Based on the description of the role, it seems likely the project will be a live action presentation. According to the report, Marvel is actively searching for a lead, and speculation is rampant that recent rumblings about a Werewolf by Night project landing at Disney+ are congruent with the yet unnamed Halloween project. From the report:
“[Marvel Studios] is looking for a Latino male in his 30s to star in the Halloween Special, which is eyeing to begin production in early 2022. Individuals with knowledge say the character may be based on ‘Werewolf by Night,’ the name used by two seperate [Marvel Comics] characters.”
Credit: Marvel Comics
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The original Werewolf by Night Marvel comic book series from the 1970s introduced a werewolf that could transform from a human to wolf monster at will, without the assistance of a full moon — while also keeping his human intelligence and judgement intact. The horror comic was notable for introducing Moon Knight, a Marvel Comics character that inspired another upcoming Disney+ project — the Moon Knight series starring Oscar Isaac, scheduled to bow in 2022.
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